October 1st, 2011 by Michael Bull

Welcome To Montana Tourism!

This website contains information about Montana and it’s tourism industry. It includes useful information on how to get here, where to stay, plus some idea of the multitude of things to see and do, and much  more.

Montana tourism is an important venture. To many citizens and residents of Montana, tourism is a key factor of their lives influencing not only their businesses but also community.

Montana is a Spanish name that means mountains. With immense beauty, lucrative views and awesome people, Montana is one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world.

Montana is one of a kind; with a wide range of real treasures for the tourists to marvel at. Whether you are a foreigner or local, the state is truly magnificent and its features are abundant.

With a wide range of attractive features for all, Montana as a tourist destination has flourished to great heights. These latter factors have catapulted Montana tourism to greater heights making it memorable for all those who tour this magnificent locality.

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Montana has diverse culture history, scenery and heritage. It is known for its beautiful glaciers, geysers and wildlife. When in Montana, you can travel through various historical landmarks, ghost towns museums and national park. Every traveler is bound to have fun and adventure in Montana. It is the best place ever to visit for vacation. For those who love fishing, camping, golfing, boating and much more, Montana has it all for them.

The hospitality of the communities found in this area is something else that has led to Montana tourism growth. Montana history tells of Indians, prospectors and mountain men. These people are very hospitable and they give visitors any information they need to know about Montana.

Montana also has a very friendly weather. This allow visitors to do all the activities they yearn for in their vacation comfortably. These coupled with the country’s marketing initiative has seen Montana tourism grow very fast.

In 2010, Montana received 10.5 million tourists. Perhaps, these were attracted by the natural allure of this beautiful country. The historic attractions, sceneries and wildlife give more than a vacationer would want. These have also seen the Montana tourism industry grow to be the second industry in the state.

Research indicates that Montana tourism industry attracts new money amounting to 2.5 billion dollars from outside every year. This goes into supporting local jobs and supporting families through personal income. With continuous marketing and hospitality of the people of Montana, the tourism industry is bound to continue growing.

Whether you are in a vacation or even a business trip, Montana will certainly be an eye-catcher. As a hub in tourist destination, it has a wide range of vacation ideas for all those leisure seekers. The wide range of tourist attraction sites ensures that visitors have vacation extremely elegant.

Whatever you expedition needs might be, Montana Tourism is the perfect guide enabling you to get the best out of your vacation here in Montana.

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